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Bangladesh is situated on the largest delta on earth that straddles Asia’s mightiest rivers. Being located in the subtropical region of South Asia, this fertile delta has been a playground of nature, endowed with abundant diversity of flora and fauna. In harmony with nature, Bangalees are resilient, vibrant and open-minded in their way of life. Bangladesh is named after Bangla because Banglalees are proud of their language Bangla not just because it is the 7th most spoken language in the world but also because of its originality, rich literature and cultural expression. Bangalees have historically been at the forefront of cultural and intellectual pursuits of the subcontinent. Bangladesh society has embraced modernity, while remaining faithful to its deep-rooted traditions. Under the undisputed leadership of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Bangladesh achieved independence in 1971 in keeping with its progressive values of equality, human dignity and social justice.  Harnessing the immense energy and creativity of the people, Bangladesh, under a visionary leadership, has been making tremendous strides in social and economic development in recent years.


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“মুজিববর্ষের কূটনীতি, প্রগতি ও সম্প্রীতি”

“Mujib Year's Diplomacy, Friendship and Prosperity”